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Mid Century Modern Consultant

What We Do

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Will can help you with


Get design ideas and advice that maximize the functionality.


Let’s pick the right colors for your house, building or business


Let us help you estimate cost, time and plan for your remodel


Help selecting tiles, flooring, fixtures, finishes


Placing the right furniture in the right places


In-Person and Virtual Consulting

While so many homeowners and investors get inspired to flip homes or embark in DIY projects when watching shows on TV, many underestimate the amount of work and careful planning that goes into a remodel. So Will decided to lend a hand by offering consulting services that can help to make design decisions and to avoid costly mistakes in your remodeling project.

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    • Are you buying a house and need an estimate of how much its remodeling will cost? Are you about to remodel your house and feel stuck? Or have you torn your house down and don’t know what to do next? Will has remodeled and built many houses and he can help you! He can do actual visit(s) to the property and offer advice on what he would do to it. Services cover interior and exterior design: kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, curb appeal , landscaping, interior designing and staging. During the visit he will give you tips to watch for during the remodeling process, so you minimize the surprises (this alone can save you thousands of dollars). Although he doesn’t replace the need for a general contractor, he can also do follow up visits during the remodeling process and work with your contractor to make sure things are being done correctly.
      • Initial Consultation: 2 hours $499
      • Follow up in-person visits $199/hr
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    • This is a new service offered by popular demand from many mid century modern (MCM) homeowners that are not in the Houston area. In fact, for this service, it doesn’t matter where you are, the entire consultation is done via emails and video calls. To make the best out of virtual calls, it’s recommended that you send us pictures and as much information as possible, so Will can visualize the space and its potential even before getting on a call with you. During a virtual call that takes place via skype or facetime, you are going to walk Will through the home and discuss different areas and concerns. The minimum length for a virtual consultation is 60 mins. You can buy single virtual consultation or packages for follow up. * This is not exclusive to mid century modern homes. Although mid century modern is Will’s specialty.
      • Virtual video call 1hr min $299
      • Package of 5 hrs $1299
      • Package of 10 hrs $2,199

What are they saying...

We've been in our new place for a little over 8 months and we are often reminded of Will's attention to detail and sense of design. I can tell he loves what he does and takes great pride in his work.

Justin & Mary K. Houston, TX

What are they saying...

Besides transforming my home into a place that I really enjoy living, which is priceless, I'd like to thank you for helping me to save thousands dollars and frustration. I now see that I had no idea what I was doing before you came along.

Brandon L. Katy, TX

What are they saying...

"Will Martin should have his own TV show, he helped me to LOVE my home again! I am forever grateful"

Grace W. Houston, TX
How does the virtual consultation work?

We do the virtual consultation via Facetime, Whatsapp or Skype. While not required, you can send me photos, videos and/or drawings as well as questions and details of your property ahead of the call, so I can study and start thinking of solutions. Research time is also billable time but it often makes for more productive calls.

What are some topics you can cover during consultation?

Remodeling ideas, color choices, design, material selection as well as anything mid century modern related. I can also share estimations for remodeling costs and times based on my own experiences in Oklahoma, Texas and Florida. While costs, labor and permits vary from place to place, I’ve found that the conversations around estimations can better prepare my clients to what’s ahead, what they should watch for, common mistakes, trade management etc

Are you available for traveling?

Most of my consulting is done virtually anywhere in the world or in-person in Miami, FL. I may be available to travel for special projects. Get in touch and we can discuss.

Can you be my general contractor?

I only do GC work for my own projects, so I am not available as a general contractor.

I have lots of questions and would also like to check-in with you throughout the project. Is that possible?

Absolutely! It will probably make sense to buy a package of hours that can be used throughout your project. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss.

Do you only work with Mid Century Modern properties?

While Mid Century Modern is my passion and most of my experience, I will be able to help you with non Mid Century Modern projects as well. But keep in mind my style by checking a few of my projects in the portfolio page.